Now that you're here
I can call this place home.
Now that I am found
I won't be lost when in your arms
'Cause home is where you are.

How many seas did you swim?
How many miles did you trod?
How many battles lost?
Before you found your way home..
Has your heart grown weary?
Let my tender love revive.
Are your feet sore from the journey?
Find rest in my heart.
Were you failed time and again?
I have been, so I understand.
Did the waves toss you around?
Here we find a certain ground
So lay it all down, all that's behind
You're my new beginning
And I am yours.

Did you know, dear
You came like the morning dew
Falling softly on each petal
Early dawn you came, love
After the long lonesome night.
We're here, do you see?
We're here... many roads still ahead
But we'll take them together
We'll flow as one river
Hardships... trials, no matter
We're home.

(Picture Courtesy: Google Images)


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