I'd rather be a comma than a full stop,

"I'd rather be a comma than a full stop". This is a line from Coldplay's 'Every teardrop is a waterfall'. It speaks to me. And it speaks to me in more ways than one. So much I find myself chanting it over and over again in my mind. I guess I am like that, giving my hundred per cent to whatever I am giving my hundred per cent at a moment. To be honest I'm not really sure why I love this line so much and why it holds so much of meaning to my heart. I guess it's an expression of hope. Well YES it is an expression of hope. 

Full stop? I don't like full stops. It's like a funeral. On the other hand, a comma is good. We all need to pause now and then right? But who wants something to end entirely except for bad dreams and troubles. And I think Chris Martin is not really thinking about something bad and troublesome when he sings "I'd rather be a comma than a full stop". 

I'd rather be a comma than a full stop: I guess it's a way of saying I don't want to die. And that makes sense to me. Hasn't God put eternity in our hearts? I forget the Bible reference. We're created as eternal beings, therefore we don't want to die. The question of suicide, the people who seem to have lost hope in this life.. well, I don't think they've lost hope entirely. They've just lost hope in this life.. IN THIS LIFE... when we read that clearly I guess it's all clear. They still have hope, but in something else they don't know about.. I mean who really knows how it would be like when our physical bodies perish.. They just hope for something better, whatever that could be. I guess anything is better for them than what pushes them to suicide. So, they're still hoping. 

Talking about hope, I don't believe it is so easy to lose hope. And for the ones who seem to have lost hope, maybe they're still hoping. Personally, I don't ever want to lose hope. It's like a funeral to lose hope. And I don't want to die. I want to live, and I want to thrive in life. It is what's in my heart, and I guess it is what's in everybody else's heart.

Let's all be commas.


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