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Thank God I'm thirty

I'm not making this up. Being thirty is quite awesome, and you will slowly start to see why that has been so for me. 
I'm about to start a new semester, and it could possibly be my last semester teaching at Sias. Possibly. I'm waiting to hear from schools after a grueling process of planning and submitting applications to PhD programs. I've been convinced for a while now that PhD is something I must pursue. Now, I'm finally trying to get to it. I only need everything else to cooperate with these plans. 'Only', because, is that too much to ask for? And so, I wait.
A thing of certainty, though, is that I've changed immensely from who I used to be. Perhaps, even from a time as recent as last year, which explains why I personally attach it significantly to being thirty. Overall I must say it's a good change. There are so many unnecessary layers we put on when we are younger. I've begun the process of shedding those layers, and I can tell I have a l…

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