Life with You

While life tests me harder
Your power manifests greater.
Each struggle affirms my weakness
But my weaknesses You make my strength.
Uncertainties, they flood my path
Yet on dry land it is I walk.
Myriad doubts and questions
That create a vacuum in my head
The mouths that would swallow
If not for Your love that bridges those gaps.
A thick mist of confusion, it fogs my sight
I stumble and fall, but You pick me up
I beg for clarity, You give me faith
It is by faith I will see You say
And indeed with faith it is so clear.

This is life when You're in it
A life that is life indeed.
A life You've given me to lead
No other way would I live, breathe
Because there is a reason, I know, for everything
So no matter how many excuses there are to cease
No matter the discouragements, I won't sleep
Because life with You is life indeed.


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