Words are not sufficient to capture life. Sometimes all you can do is live life, feel it, drink it in and embrace it into your being. No talking, no expressing. There is no other alternative available. So words need to go sometimes. Life can be so heart-breaking, yet so beautiful at the same time. Words simply cannot contain it, they don't do justice. One moment you're caught by surprise, and that moment graduates into days, months, years, and then you find that you're left with no choice but to give in to what life has offered...what it has taken away.

Love is such a crazy thing. Crazy because it makes you do things you never thought you would. Crazy because it even makes you do those very things which you specifically told yourself you never would. Crazy because it brings you into a very unfamiliar territory you believed you never would find yourself in. Crazy because it essentially turns your life upside down. Still, all good. The sad story is love remains unfulfilled sometimes. So why does it happen in the first place? I don't know. I guess that's life.


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