Of fears and risk-taking

I am realizing as I grow older it takes a lot of guts to go and live the dream life. As much as I hate to admit I worry too much about others' opinions. It is time that I realize that what's best for me is best for me and what's best for the other is best for the other, if you know what I mean. Perhaps, my real fear is the comparison that is often drawn by people who never do not not have an opinion. And such are the kind that seem to think their advises are invaluable. Maybe they don't realize that no one's listening. Actually, maybe I am. Why would I be so fearful of this comparison if I wasn't even listening in the first place? I have listened, nothing I can do about it now. But maybe what I should do now is to not take my decisions like this is their life. Because this is my life.

Taking risks when there's little at stake is easy. It is actually no risk at all. Real risks are when stakes go high, as in the kind that induces conflict with parents, the kind that invites "society's mockery" in conventional terminology, the kind that tells you you're nothing but foolish; that kind. And this requires so much of courage. This is the courage I must muster to do what I really want. And if I know what I want, doing is just what I must do without thinking about it too much. In most cases though, I think even a slight clue should be enough for us to take the plunge. One needn't know know. I mean, that's why a risk is a risk.

Now, I'm not trying to place "risk taking" in a pedestal. I'm not trying to bring it across as some noble idea that stands by itself. It is actually no "idea" for that matter. Risk is action, and life is such that we are sometimes called to take risks. And when we don't take risks then maybe we are not being true to ourselves. That is what I'm trying to put across. It is, in fact, something I must learn to live out personally in my life. This post, therefore, serves as a reminder and a way of asserting this truth in my life. And if by any thin chance it helps anyone else besides myself, then I am blessed.


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