A note to a friend

Dear friend,

Do you feel you know me well enough? If you answer yes then I'd like you to tell me when you think I'm wrong, and especially when I ask you myself. You're not helping me by evading my question. Because when you evade my question you're basically saying you don't care for me enough to help me become a better person that I'd like to be. Because when you evade my question you're basically saying you're okay with me continuing in a path that could be destructive not only for myself but also for people around me. Because when you evade my question you leave me alone to fend for myself. You're saying you don't love me enough to stand up to me even if it means fighting. I can't promise you I'll always cooperate. I am a frail being and I like to pretend I'm always right. But if you really are my friend I need you to tell me the truth even when I don't want to hear it. I need you to help me see things with clarity when I am too self-obsessed to see it myself. I need you to be my friend. A friend who is willing to deal with my crap and still love me the same. A friend I will be forever grateful to.



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