Reflections on writing

I think I've neglected writing long enough. I have wished to write a number of times in the past few weeks, but there has been so much on my mind and I've been caught up with school work and the frustrations of it. March was busy, and looks like April will be too. But I'm not cribbing about my work-load here. Twitter is for that. Funny how I'm not able to write when there's too much on my mind. Paucity of time is another factor, but the truth is if I had something to write I could do it no matter what.

Recently I registered myself in this blogging community site and was active in it for the first month of joining. They hold these regular blogging contests that offer attractive prizes for the winner(s). And I supposed I'd participate too eventually. But then later I thought I wouldn't want to blog simply because I could win a prize. That is not why I started blogging, and somehow somewhere inside me I felt like I'd be robbing my blog of the reason it exists if I started participating in these contests. And anyway, they'd feel so fabricated. Maybe you could say I'm thinking too much, but what's wrong with that as long as I don't overdo it to the point of lunacy and as long as I'm thinking about things that  matter to me? 

Actually, there's still  a lot on my mind even now and I don't know where to start or even to start at all. There's so much I feel. And often I cannot distinguish between feeling and thinking. They are the same to me. Anyway, I suppose some feelings are only meant to be felt and thought, not written. Or perhaps that's just a nice excuse I'm giving because I have not the slightest energy to write about them. I wish there was a way to transfer these feelings to the screen so I could keep them to remember for later. I actually don't care if anyone reads what I write. Because, I guess, in a way I write only for myself and just doing that satisfies me. And when I write I'm being true to who I am and to who made me. Writing is worship for me. And writing, that way, is a release.

And by the way, Happy Easter everybody!


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