Life is crazy at the moment. Work is crazy and personal life crazier. How naive of me to have thought work would put my mind off tricky matters of the heart. They are tricky indeed manipulating my mind in all strange directions. Unchivalrous and with no territorial sense whatsoever these plaque irrespective of time and space. The heart cannot mind its own business. It insists on poking its nose everywhere, and you wish you could just make it stop. But no, it has a will of its own. It is not controlled but it controls. Doomed. That is how I feel. And helpless, utterly!

Do I work on work or on the guy who will never make a move? Or who probably doesn't even have a clue what is actually going on. I have no qualms about making the first move, but thanks to my well-meaning friends and their mutually exclusive advises I am only all the more confused. This is leading me to procrastinate further. But decide I must soon, or regret forever. And then there is the trouble at work. Things are going so slow when we desperately need it to pick up speed quick! What a mess my mind is in. But venting helped. Bye for now.


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