Hello. Long time no rant. I started off 2013 plunging into work that kept me occupied for a while. Now with the completion of the project that old feeling of joblessness is back. And so is my Mom's daily reminder about how I should get serious about life, which actually is mostly a result of my failure to qualify for NET. No biggie, I am trying again in June and planning to take it seriously this time. My mother is right. I haven't been serious enough about life, taking it for granted and all. But having said that a part of me is trying too, I think. I am waiting to hear about a job I applied to some time back. I should hear from them before the month ends. God knows how this will end up like. Anyway, I haven't thought beyond that. If it doesn't work out perhaps something else will, and if that something else doesn't work out either then.. I don't know. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Right. So this is how life pretty much is these days. And I should read more. Later then.


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