Not yet begun

I don't know how to talk about life right now. There is so much, so many little things that add up to something. But to single out one, or mention a few for that matter, won't be close enough to what is ensuing. I have not been able to grasp what that is yet, to tell the truth. Three months in, and I don't feel "initiated" yet. As compared to Ladakh, life is easy here. (Easy, not necessarily better if that's possible to measure.) The only inconvenience I am experiencing here is my illiteracy in Chinese, a big one. But that is not an issue in Peter Hall (foreign faculty residence). Peter Hall is a small bubble I live in. Maybe it is what I need right now. But I want to get out someday, hopefully sooner than later. I don't mean quit my job. I mean live bigger, make life more than Peter Hall.

So there it is. "Life" right now is Peter Hall. I hope to be back soon to talk about it being more. Peace.


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