Life is a vicious circle. There are highs and lows and in-betweens and then there are highs and lows and in-betweens, but not in that particular order. Then there's that time when all you seem to do is procrastinate. Procrastinate not certain tasks that need to be completed but procrastinate life itself. You could be engaging in some activities or perhaps a lot, don't misunderstand, yet still be procrastinating. There is a gear that needs to shift, but who are you kidding. You're procrastinating. Life is on hold, some what. Mine seems to be, for some time now.

I have learnt one thing well. We never arrive. Life isn't linear. We go through a series of changes and we seem to be growing as we do, and somewhere in the middle we find ourselves in a place all too familiar. Oh no, it's happening all over again. Will this cycle never end? Probably not. Does this spell doom? Maybe not. I think I will make a new year's resolution, for a change. And this is my resolution to never be too alarmed at life, no matter what happens or happens again or never ever happens. But I'll permit myself to be pleasantly surprised sometimes. I don't want to imitate a straight line either. If things were as predictable as a straight line then maybe people everywhere will be bored. So I reckon it's a good thing that life isn't linear. Non-linearity of life is probably what pushes us to really taste it and see. It also implies patterns will repeat. Best to not fret over it, and let it repeat. Imagine it as a rhythm.

Maybe life is not about arriving, after all. And procrastinating isn't all that bad. We can all give ourselves that break once in a while.


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