I think it is safe to say that I have stopped procrastinating life. For now. As I consciously embrace a new place I cannot help but look back to my time in Ladakh. Don't we all have a way of romanticising things of the past? It sounds so much better when it's all over, and perhaps that is because we're now rid of the 'dailyness' of it all. Often we need a bird's eye view of a certain timeline of our lives to appreciate what we had then, and how that has shaped our present. My life then and now is completely different. I am not sure what exchange I made when I traded that life for now. I am glad I did, though. 

Never in my wildest of dreams did I think I would live in China one day. I didn't imagine so even when I was 25.  And here I am, still not very sure what I'm doing in China. Ha ha. But that's the part that keeps me from not getting bored, or just leaving. I never want to leave a place for the wrong reasons. I made that decision about two years ago when everything in me wanted to leave Ladakh. There was something I needed to fix and leaving would have helped a lot. But if I started this habit of leaving a place because it got inconvenient I'd be forever running away. Such things have a way of forming into habits. Thank God He gave me that sense then. I will hopefully continue to use that.

The highlight of my stay here so far has been reading. I'm realising how much I love reading, and how much I hate small talk. Being deprived of good books to read, and having no dearth of new people to meet has made me that way I suppose. Borrowing a friend's e-reader is saving my semester. Also having made two really good new friends, and meeting other nice people. It's funny how similar two people from entirely different parts of the world can be, in spite of all the obvious differences. I don't know how else to put it. And then there are people you just don't get. You cannot tell left from right when it comes to them. Such instances amaze me how so entirely alien some people can make you feel. Essentially, I'm getting to experience extremes here. I think it keeps things interesting. So I won't complain.

That's the gist of this version of dailyness in my life. I will have stories to tell in person. Till then, peace.

P.S. Living conditions are very comfortable here. Of course, not all residents agree. I can't wait to come home to India in July (however hot it is going to be in Delhi)!


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