No. 29

It's that day of the year again. I'm here to record, as is customary now, one major life-lesson from the year gone by. I'm pretty sure I would probably forget it often, and would need some reminders as is the case with human nature. I've just officially completed a year of work in China and today I complete another year of my life. I like how they overlap.

I find it interesting that when I move to a new place it's like I'm getting to know myself a little bit more a little differently. And I'm continuing to learn how not taking things personally releases me to find peace, and that is to mean not taking what people do personally or what life transpires. Really, life is not out to get you and we must remind ourselves that often. I am on this journey of continually learning about my identity and I am under the impression that it will remain so no matter how old I get. These are not once in a lifetime affairs.

But if there is anything in particular that the past year has highlighted to me, it is this: know where you come from. And by know I actually mean open yourself to, embrace, and appreciate where you come from. (Living with people from different cultures have taught me that. We all have these beautiful aspects to our cultures that we often fail to see when we're too close to it). And here's the corollary: never think yourself superior to the other, nor inferior. Actually, just don't compare. If you're interested in promoting empathy in any form, don't. This is the part about living in peace with others alongside, or after, peace with yourself. That's the catch, you have to be at peace with yourself to be at peace with others and the world.

But I must admit, easier said than done.

Another good year to me!!


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