Not belonging

I think I have out-grown Delhi. I don't feel like I belong anymore. It must have happened some time during the switches I made between here and Ladakh and then China. My family is here in Delhi but it no longer feels like home. This is only a place I visit, and then leave again. My family will still be what they have always been, my family. But I am no longer a part of them. You know when you get married; you leave and start a family of your own? It's somewhat like that, only that it's not. I am not a daughter anymore. I am just a person. A person trying to find her place in the world, perhaps. Does that make me feel alone? Yes, quite so. Maybe this is a part of getting older. Or of growing up, in more dignified terms. Or maybe this is just me; just one of those moods I get, a spill-over. Whatever the cause, something is happening. And it spells change. I like change, although I hardly understand it ever. Life makes no sense if we're not always changing. And it'd be quite boring honestly. I guess what I’m saying is I welcome this new chapter. It’s quite intriguing.

For the time being I believe I've found my niche in China, but I'm not sure how long I'll have it for. However, there’s no hurry. China is one massive cup of tea that’ll take me some time to savour.   


  1. hey how are you? read your blog after a long time. Yes life keeps changing doesn't it and most importantly keeps changing us.

    1. Hey I realise I am responding after almost a year! I just wrote a new post btw. Life continues to change! How are you??


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