It's all right..

Life is a good teacher
I am a forgetful student.

One moment I have it all figured out
The next I'm mulling over my ignorance
And look, the pendulum continues to swing..
I learn to look at it through eyes of humour.

What once triggered the wrong notes of my heart
Inconvenience at the core!
Are now keys that I manouevre
As my fingers dance to the tune of life.

A new chapter unfolds..
"Old things are passe', behold things anew!"
But I marvel at my enormous capacity to forget
Makes it inevitable that history repeats itself
Brings me face to face with a familiar visitor.
Here, today, is a heart wrenching experience
Multiplies the fine lines on my forehead.
There, tomorrow, a memory I reminisce
Even wearing a smile on my face.

I pride at how much I've grown
I know so much, or so I tell myself.
But then I hear footsteps of an old truth advancing
"How could I not remember?" Flashback!!

The Man Himself uses what He creates, even humour
I am able to laugh through trying times
Even at this mildly amnesiac existence.
Well, what it all boils down to
As I carry forward this strange journey
Is that I trace a beautiful constant it holds:
It's all right in the end.
Nothing is too complicated
Even if not deciphered code to code.

An end, though, is just a fresh beginning
So I must brace myself, take it one at a time
Be reminded as many times I forget.
This is the way of life, it's all right.


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