What winter brings..

Why does my heart feel cold tonight?
As cold as the winter that surrounds me.
Whose absence makes it so weary?
Maybe you could calm this storm inside..

I am the roar from the oceans deep.
Who will set out his sail and come to me?
I overwhelm, an essence of my existence.
Who will find the soul that is muffled within?
Lying in hope, counting the winter nights
Tossing and turning, anticipating...
The surge of the waters, the tides of time!
Where is the one who will contain me?

I besought the skies, the sailors' ships.
Some found me for adventures, the adrenaline rush!
Only to abandon with bellies satiated..
I pursued as far as the oceans approved.
You see I go only where these waters take me.
Who will voyage out and find me, keep me?
Who will forsake all that is left behind?
It is only you who will have me.

This winter brings your memories, still unlived..

(Picture Courtesy: Google Images)


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