I am a typical girl in some ways. Basically, I over-analyze and read into things a little too much. And the rest is history repeating itself. What more is there to say? So this is in 'honour' of all my past mistakes.

Just what was it he meant when he said
"It was nice meeting you"
Just what was that look on his face
When I caught that glance along my way
He did this and he did that, he said this and he said that
Oh em gee! Surely you noticed it, didn't you?
Why did he tell me he missed me?
And if he did why doesn't he call me?
And leave me cute messages on my phone
A guy does all those things doesn't he?
Or probably, he is just not 'that type'
Probably he is busy for real
Probably he has a very good reason
For the missing messages and the unmade calls

And so goes on this drama of life
But hey, we all move on don't we?
And just in case the 'men' wondered
No, we don't give up that easily
We just get over, and perhaps get even
And then it's another guy to relive the drama with
And then the next, and then some more
Until the right one comes along, or not
But either way, we'll always move on
To a better life, with 'him' or without.
Oh nevermind!


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