Sometimes it just so happens that we do not realize what our hearts really desire until we come face to face with it. Have you ever experienced a moment which took your breath away because it was just too freaking beautiful? A moment when you found yourself moved and utterly surprised by an unlikely situation, a twist in the story, as if something you didn't think life would or could ever offer to you was suddenly staring at you in the eyes screaming "Obviously I'm a possibility!". And you wonder in disbelief if you'd been just made a part of a wonderful story, and if you'd just been invited to play the lead role in it! It's like an unforeseen kiss from the person you secretly love. Too good to be true you think. Well THAT is the moment, I believe, we've discovered something worth pursuing. 

May you be blessed with such moments in life and may your pursuits that birth out of such 'interventions' be for you enriching and life changing experiences.


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