It couldn't work out? Bullshit.

My sister just told me about an old friend of hers. The thing is her boyfriend of over five years just ended it with her. Ended something that took more than five years to build just that simply. And why? Because he couldn't take her mother's disapproval who recently discovered about their relationship. Now for my sister's friend to have felt compulsed to keep something of this sort from her mother for five long years is a sad story enough, and boy it must have taken detective-like skills and a huge dose of patience! But let me not venture into that territory.

What got me thinking and sad was the fact that two people gave up on love. Or, was that love after all? Now, that makes me more sad. I know I know, reality is harsh, there are no happy endings in real life like there are in movies etc., etc. But I still don't get it. 'Cause if I really wanted something bad enough, like really really wanted it, and I actually got what I wanted I'd be CRAZY to let go of it. Seriously. It is just very simple if you come to think of it. You want something bad enough and you get it. Let me re-emphasize. You really want something bad and you get what you really want, like for real want it. What do you do? KEEP IT! And do whatever it takes to keep it. That should come naturally, shouldn't it? Well, it sounds that simple to me and no amount of 'reasoning' changes that. And before you read me wrong, of course there's a lot of  hard work involved in the 'keeping' business. But that's something you just have GOT to do. Period. No amount of my blabbering here can ever comprehend or justify just what it takes to make a working healthy relationship. It is just something that people have to do. No talking. No kidding.

Now that I'm thinking about it perhaps the missing piece of the puzzle is courage, the missing ingredient boldness. Perhaps that is what is lacking in the incomplete unfortunate stories like the one I mentioned above. Or perhaps some people never find what they're looking for, and some find it but are too afraid to pursue it. Some weird beings we are. And perhaps some of us are never sure of what we want. We are too easily swayed by the winds of time. While some others don't even want anything bad enough, we're just too busy being comfortable, cozily snuggled in our safe corner. Convenience the only language understood.

Enough said already. I only pray that when I am faced with a choice someday (perhaps very soon) I will choose to be bold, that I will venture out of my comfort zone. And that consequently I will discover that it CAN be different, it doesn't have to be the way others say it is. Finally, I pray from the bottom of my heart that I will make this choice every freaking time life brings me face to face with a situation that demands a choice to be made.

I close with a quote by Robert Frost:

“Freedom lies in being bold.”


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