Do you pledge?

The moment when it hits you that your parents don't trust you enough to allow you to make a decision on your own about your future: suffocation. Or maybe it's too much love and concern. (They want you to have a happy and comfortable life etc., etc.) But why should it translate into such an attitude? Bleh! A totally disoriented thought pattern I must say.

What's with the obsession of North East Indian parents with 'security' and 'government jobs'? It's like they are analogous terms according to them, like synonyms. And everything else is humbug! Maybe they don't say it in those many words but that's exactly what their attitude screams! This is something that our generation has to still deal with. I wonder when it will finally change. Well, the best way to ensure that would be that we take a pledge to allow our children (i.e. if we do end up having them) to pursue their dreams, whatever that be. As long as we have raised them to be mature individuals what does it matter what career paths they choose? 

I hope that if life brings me far enough I'll be what I want my parents to be. Well, at least the parts where I've got it right. 

Still, the question: will I relent? No thanks. I'll do what my Father in Heaven places in my heart. And there will be liberation. Some way or another. 

P.S. : I could go about discussing this issue at great length, peeling the layers etc. etc. But clearly I have no patience for that right now. Maybe another time.


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