Ugly words

Words have power, and this power is often misused. It is with words that lies are told, gossips propagated, insults unleashed, and judgments passed. I regret to say I have misused words in my own ways without realizing the damage they were capable of. But I guess things like these only start to make sense once we are on the receiving end, once we helplessly feel the sting of these words. It is funny, though, how hurtful lies can be in spite of them being by their very nature just lies, if you get my drift. The rational response appears to be to totally disregard them because there is simply no truth in them. And yet, lies hurt us. But maybe what actually hurts is the fact that we're being misunderstood. Maybe being misunderstood is at the core of our hurts while lies and judgments are only matters of the periphery, if you know what I mean. This, to me, points towards the inherent desire in all of us as humans to be known and appreciated. I don't know why must we all want it so much but I have never met a person who didn't desire having a friend who understood them. And still so many of us don't have friends even when there probably is as much demand as supply. We must be a complex species. Anyway, I digress. What I came here to do was write away the sting of the hurtful words I heard today. And it feels like the sting is gone, although, I'm still misunderstood. But I guess that is something I have to learn to deal with time and again. Who feels like the most misunderstood person in the whole world? Me. But that, I know, is not true. Just feels like it. Another thing about being human.


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