Doing it myself

So, an idea just occurred to me. Sometimes I get busy making things for people, or myself, or for nobody in particular sans a special occasion. Some I've made with a particular objective in mind. And to my delight at this moment, I happened to have taken pictures of some of those "creations", if I may call them so and I'd like to share them with you today. I am not sure why I want to do this right now, but I highly suspect it is because I am supposed to be studying : |. Any student will know what I am talking about. So anyway, here goes!

The pink one is a hair-band I made for a friend's niece because I found her to be too adorable and I had to make her something! The yellow one next to it I made into a hair-pin for myself:

These are hair-clips that I made for girls at a home I recently visited:

Cards, diaries and calendars I made last year for a fund-raiser at my church:

A large-sized card I made on the occasion of a friend's wedding. I was quite proud of this one :P:

This one I made today, and I think I am going to give it as a Christmas present to my bestie :). No worries about ruining the little surprise. She doesn't follow my blog. Yes. So anyway it's a hair-band, the elastic kind: 

And umm.. I felt like sharing this one too. It's a hairstyle I came up with the time I was obsessed with hair-styling and what-not. I am still quite obsessed, though, and I think I will forever be. This is a two-strand braid cum pony-tail:

So that's about what I have at the moment. Maybe I will share again if and when I come up with new stuff in the future. That means taking pictures whenever I make something from now on (note to self). Peace out!


  1. Awesome stuff. They don't look hand made at all, they seem to have come right from a manufacturing unit or something. :)


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