Tomorrow's my birthday. I turn 26. Never had I imagined life would look like this at 26. There was a time when anything 24+ seemed super old, like people became what they were meant to be for the rest of their lives at around this age. And that was it; you were prepared to face the rest of life armed with everything you needed to do so. You were old enough. How wrong had I been then. How wrong I was about many other things. It was easy to look at things in black and white those days, not realizing how judgmental that outlook made me in a number of circumstances. You could put life in a box, or so you thought. You could put people in a box, and forget they were actually people with feelings and a life, active and changing. How life revolved around me and myself, like the world was there for me and not the other way around.

As of today, I've had to unlearn so many things and re-learn them. And yet, I realize it is only the beginning. I have just started to live life, and I have no clue whatsoever what comes next: next year or the next ten years. That makes it sort of exciting, and sort of scary. In retrospect, I ask myself: what has been so present throughout this part of my life I know and have lived that it is so easy to miss it altogether? Like when you look at a painting or any piece of art: a portrait maybe and so you tell yourself it is a portrait of a person, or one capturing the scenic beauty of nature, or anything for that matter. It is easy for a lay observer of art to neglect the actual mediums used that make the art-piece tangible to them in the first place, like water-colours or clay or wood and so on. Similarly, regarding my life I might be able to say a lot of things and even depict it in pictures with a number of scenes, but it is easy to miss that which makes all of it possible in the first place: my Creator's Hand in each and every stroke of the brush that designed my life till today. I'd be a fool to miss that, nor would I like anyone else that bothers to give a glance at me to miss it. I am what I am because my God has been good to me, and continues to be good to me. Not because I deserve it, but because He is good and faithful. And what better time to confess that over my life than now? Except, every other time is good too. Still, no harm doing it in a special way now.

Life has been unexpected in a number of ways. God's not a boring God, at least that is clear from this. And how could He be, for that matter, if He is all that the Word says He is! Unfathomable God, and unfathomable also in relation to my life and the plans He has for me. Hence, again I say there is still so much to uncover. Life has just begun. God has just begun His work in me. And I am excited about the journey. Some bad stuff ahead certainly, but some really great stuff too. The bad stuff is scary if I think about it, but I will have to continue trusting in His goodness: that He will pull me through and will never ever give up on me. What an awesome God to worship. May I fix my focus on Him always. May He be my God and I His person for all the days of my life, and then forever more.


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