No. 31

30 seems pretty tame when you turn 31. Yes, I have officially entered the fourth decade of my life, and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Plans and hopes, those I've got plenty; but what actually ensues only time can tell.

Detachment: my past year in one word. Detachment not for the sake of detachment, though. Rather, detachment as an act of letting go of unimportant things for the purpose of reorienting myself in order to pursue what really matters. And I've learned what really matters is not always what I believe it to be. Figuratively speaking, life twisted my arm to steer me towards where I ended up eventually, which turned out to be something worth exploring. In the process I witnessed a thing or two about resilience; particularly resilience in me, to my pleasant surprise. I suppose it is true that we are capable of much more than we believe ourselves to be.

The highlight of my year has been having enjoyable conversations with a lot of different people I would have never spoken to had life not twisted my arm and took me out of my comfort zone. There are also good friendships that have come out of all those conversations had and times spent eating and drinking together. The past year has also served as a little demonstration about holding things loosely and lightly, where it matters. Not everything matters, and truth be told not everybody matters. And those who do, time will certainly reveal.

That is the gist of my year 30.

Go to 1-27, 28, 29, and 30 for reflections from previous years, if you're so inclined to.

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