Dear Grandpa,

My mom just told me that you were the first to believe in Jesus in your little village. You've been gone a long time. I never got to meet you nor did you ever get to see me. But this I write just to tell you that I'm grateful you responded to God's call and believed in Him. I believe in Him now because of what you did then.

How was your life on earth? I'm told you were a very loving person. I remember the first time I saw your picture. It was only then was I told that you existed. I thought all along that my other grandpa had been the only one. Now I know he came into picture only after you were gone. I was convinced you were my dad when I saw you in that little Polaroid picture and wondered in amazement how my grandma still looked so young when my dad was already that grown up. My dad looks just like you! I wonder how it would have been to get to know you. I hope I get to know you in Heaven someday.

Your grand-daughter.


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