I do what I told myself I would never do
I find I am in that place I thought I'd never be
My pride got the best of me
Now where is that superiority?
I am judged by the same measure I judged others
And I am found wanted
I plead guilty.
Guilty...I'm guilty.

These lines reflect a recurring thing in my life. It almost every time feels like a finger pointing at me, perhaps my own, "what goes around comes around". What once made me question the righteousness in others now makes me want to justify it in myself, if you know what I mean. I guess you got to sometimes learn from your personal blunders. Some things are just impossible to be learned from mistakes of others. Some blows you've got to take in yourself, only then does it leave an impression. Such an impression that it changes you. It is like mother nature's own joke on you, but the beauty in it is that she teaches you to laugh along with her. And you realize you needn't be too hard on others nor on yourself. You fell? So what, just get back up. No point raising such a hue and cry about it. There comes a point when you have to see it, and I mean really see that no one is perfect including yourself. And that the answer lies in accepting each other just as we are. Why is this woman the way that she is? Why is this man always the cynic? What is her problem in life? Why can't he just get over it? But, WHAT DO WE KNOW? Can we let each other just be? Can we quit trying to strangle one another with our words? Can we just accept that we know too little of ourselves to stand as a judge over some other? Just try and be at peace with all. No, not even that, just try and be at peace with yourself. Then maybe we'll quit complaining too much. Then just maybe we'll see that life is not about living out a set of rules, it's not even about what's right or what's wrong. Then maybe one day we'll realize that life is simply about caring for each other and loving us in spite of ourselves. This is the beauty of living. What are we complicating?


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