Elusive Reconciliation

Here I am, still
Trying to find reconciliation
With the things you did
And the many you didn’t.
It’s been a while now
Yet I haven’t moved a day
Beyond the day you left me.
Playing it like a film
Over and over in my head
Why must this be so hard?
Why must I care?
Maybe I live in delusion
This place of dreams I have built
Often they turn into nightmares.
Chained up as in a dungeon
With the illusions of escape.
Tell me is this fair?
Life’s joke at my expense
Are you laughing along my dear?
Or are you blissfully unaware?
I don’t know which I prefer
It’s not my choice to make, anyway.

This reconciliation I will find
But I wonder how much longer the wait.

(Picture Courtesy: Google Images)


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