I should be studying right now

I should be studying right now. But I am not. Actually I should be doing a lot of things that I am not doing. And I shouldn't be doing a lot of things that I am doing, for instance procrastinating and wasting time. I know I'm going to regret this when it's a little too late, when I have only a little time left. And the results will show. Knowing that I could have done much better than the mediocre results my actions (or lack thereof) have produced and yet not learning the lesson even the next time, and then the next is something sort of a stubborn habit so ingrained in me I have embraced it as a part of me. Maybe I'm not inspired enough. Actually, maybe I'm just a pathetic loser. At least I feel like one right now. Or maybe it is just not that important enough. These things I must do are just things I am supposed to do, and doing something just because I'm supposed to is not exciting enough. But is life all about excitement and adventures? I don't know.

I think my life looks perfect outwardly. But what I know is how messed up things are. There are just too many things that affect too many others about life, you know. It is not that simple although it may be quite simple. Actually I don't totally comprehend what I just said. It sounds mysteriously smart and seems to embrace a large perspective, if you know what I mean. 

Well, I suddenly feel too guilty whiling away my time writing a random post like this. I'll get out of here and try to read for that term paper that has been pending for too many days now, but not before inserting a perfect picture for this post. God bless y'all!

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  1. Happens to the best of us i guess, Life most often ends up being drab and dull, probably the rarity of adventures make them a lot more special. And you know I have been in your place, getting affected by the smallest things and acting all perfect on the outside... Just hold on, till the war becomes an everyday affair and you become nonchalant about it all, happened to me. the onus to keep yourself happy and going is on you, so give a damn to things and people, just go on and do what you feel is right.

    As to exams I think we all have got tired of exams. :)

    Ps: sorry for the long comment, I just had to say all this. :)

  2. Happy to know someone totally identifies. I can only hope I'll somehow get around this one too, just like the others. It is actually not that difficult to get around such a faulty educational system. You can earn degree after degree without actually learning anything significant. Ah. But that's another story, I suppose.


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