A Death

I am not an aimless wanderer
It’s only that I am heart-broken.
Unable to see anything beyond this mist of pain
I am mourning the death of a love lost.
A love short-lived that died premature
And its soul wandered off into the thick woods
From where nothing ever returns, there’s no escape.
A part of me was snatched away leaving me incomplete
While the woods overwhelming seeped in deeper and deeper
Embracing my offspring into its bosom, enveloping
Till it had swallowed in its entire existence
And all that remained was the woods with its loneliness.
Still I go looking at nights always hurting yet always hoping
I go seeking the part of me I lost to the woods
I go seeking the part I gave away when he left.
But it will never return to me, alas it is lost forever.
This loss I mourn like a mother as for her infant
The infant just a grasp away from an opportunity to live.
This part of me I will mourn until the day I am made whole again. 
(Picture Courtesy: Google Images)


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