Life is beautiful

As I reflect upon life, sometimes I get the feeling it is something quite beautiful. I mean I feel it in my bones. And by beautiful I am not implying good happening all the time because the fact is, which is no news to anyone, that bad happens; and sometimes bad gets so bad that it feels like all that happens is bad. I suppose you know what I mean. By beautiful what I'm trying to capture is the life trajectory of change and growth: the things we got right, the mistakes, the happiness and celebration, the pain and hurt, the disillusionment, the will to survive, the patience to carry on, the heart to not give up. I am talking generally in terms of the whole human race. It is from these different experiences that we emerge and still we're not done there. Change is a constant phenomenon; it implies growth and it makes the essence of life. This is the part I find so beautiful. There is nothing else quite like life, if you know what I mean. 

I remember a time I used to tell myself that life is beautiful if I want it to be. Perhaps our attitude counts to a certain extent (maybe even significantly) but what I'm slowly realizing is that life is beautiful not simply because I want it to be but because it is indeed beautiful. Beautiful does not imply everything all so 'goody-goody'. I know you know what I mean. I guess we could say struggles are beautiful as are joys. Of course I can assure you that I won't be possibly saying anything like what I just did while I'm in the middle of something challenging. What I'm saying, though, is that I see the beauty of it only as I reflect back into past experiences and I'm able to see things in a new light; from a broader perspective you could say. So it is not always about the feelings and yet the feelings count along the way, if you know what I mean. 

So you see it all brings me back to this. That I find that life can be quite beautiful. And we as people have something that no other creature on earth is capable of perceiving. We couldn't blame them for that though. They've not been endowed with those sort of faculties to begin with. So I figure maybe we're special after all, being made in the image of God and all.


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