Too personal?

I've often heard people advice other people to keep personal things personal. That they are not obligated to talk openly about their personal lives, and they should rather not. Well yea, no one is obligated. But I also believe if people choose to openly discuss their personal lives with others they should not be judged for doing so. Often I get the feeling that open people get judged more. I have felt judged myself for being transparent. I've seen people get uncomfortable and look at me like I'm some alien. Like they're telling me "I didn't have to know that!" But it is their problem in the end, not mine. Don't wash your dirty laundry in public, they say. But I guess for some people like me it is not so much about washing dirty laundry in public but all about being true to who we are, and maybe some other people can't handle that. 

I suppose we are just wired that way, and we feel the necessity to share. Not sharing feels like being locked up in chains somewhere dark and dingy with no room to even breathe properly. Therefore I write, and I feel at peace when I do. And I don't care who is reading it and who isn't. All I care is that once I've written and posted it, it is there for someone to find it and read it. And even if it is never actually read it is okay. My thoughts have been expressed and I have moved on. Probably the purpose of some posts is just that and nothing else, and that seems quite perfect. So I guess what I'm saying is some of my posts may have been pretty personal, maybe some people would not choose to share that sort of stuff in a public medium like this and wonder why I do it, but I don't want to be judged for what I choose to write about and share. Maybe certain people's purpose of being is to share their lives openly, and some choose to do it through writing. But that is just one of the many ways. And kindly excuse me if I get too personal for your taste.


  1. i like that...i hear that a lot too...i guess for the same reasons but yeah who cares...barb ppl spend all their lives pretending, the sooner we realize how to live sans pretense the better we give ourselves a chance to evolve :)


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