Of old lovers & wounds

Tragedy, tragedy
You are someone else's tonight
Your memories, vague memories
Open old wounds with new cruelty.
Your face I search in my dreams
As you say this when I ask you that
And you say that when I ask you this.
But you're saying nothing at all, and you
You put on that smile like it is okay
Like everything is as you want it to be.
And you expect me to be happy.
But I walk a lonely path, misunderstood
While you walk with her, and she with you.

But I dare not dream to be with you
I will not take another's lover
Cursed be the cause of a woman's pain.
And cursed be the day that I met you.
The day you looked at me like I was the one
But now she has got that claim over you.
So I will move away and disappear
That is only the right thing to do.
And I wish I could be happy for you
I wish I could just remain friends
But not like this, when I still remember
And still wonder why it had to go wrong
Or why I had to meet you.


  1. Hey did you write this yourself....because its really beautiful..really sad as well...but so much beauty in your words seriously

  2. "Your memories, vague memories
    Open old wounds with new cruelty."

    very nice :)


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