A quintessence

You're proof there's no absolute truth on earth
Who knows about the heavenlies?
You're proof hearts are bruised and broken
Over and over again, But why should this keep transpiring?
I am proof there's a place that fastens itself to us
For what seems like eternity before and eternity after.
I am proof perchance all one could ever do is wait,
No heroes, no purpose to invoke our deliverance.
But who says life is about verification?
The more you can establish, the more eloquent?
When our eyes fathom newer worlds within this world
It matters not if everybody else affirms,
But that they have beheld yet another tangent of life
Whether joyful or ruthlessly scented with pain.
Friend, I am not in the trade of evidences
I have too much life to live.


  1. Too much life to live... That's a proof in itself. Isn't it?


    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

    Being Traveler


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