The benefits of an empty cup

One of the benefits of an empty cup is that you needn't argue whether it is half empty or half full every other day you are confronted with the issue. Actually, there's no issue with an empty cup whatsoever! Can you imagine how many headaches that saves us? And considering how people these days specially like to get into many little arguments just so they can sound more intelligent than the other, it saves us a hell lot more of unnecessary headaches then. At the same time it saves us a lot more words too. Words shouldn't be thrown around just because they can be thrown around so casually. The purpose of words is to give more meaning to life and therefore it deserves more of our respect. And we should stop taking it for granted. So anyway, an empty cup is empty, and that is all it is. There's no need to waste any more time or words on the issue. You could say that for a full cup too, but the thing about a full cup is that we cannot fill it with new things unless we empty it of its contents first. Maybe that is why we shouldn't hold on to things too tight. Because if we don't let go we could never contain new things. Now I am not saying that all new things are good. But there's always the option of discarding something when we realize it's bad and moving on to newer things, although it's not always as easy as it sounds. Still, it's possible and that is what counts. Besides, an empty cup is a far better choice also for the mere fact that a full cup's contents will only slowly degrade while it busies itself with the business of remaining full and does not even care an ounce that its contents are rotting away right before its eyes! I don't mean to sound too overtly dramatic about this but let's admit it, nothing is static. Everything changes! That is an awfully important thing to take into account in life in my opinion. And an empty cup is what will get us through the umpteen changes that life may hurl at us. It is so much more flexible than a full cup, and flexibility is what we need  to keep up with the constant change happening around us. So that's another benefit of an empty cup.

I'd like to be an empty cup every now and then. Nothing should be always empty either because then it is no better than a rotting full cup, unless the sole purpose of its existence is to be empty. Not that I can think of anything of that sort at the moment but if you do, please let me know too. I believe we all undergo the process of filling and emptying in each of our lives. That is a very good thing and that is how things ought to be. We adapt, we unlearn things and we discover. When we resist these, we age. And I mean that in a bad way because I don't imply we grow as we age in this sense. We simply age. We degrade. And that is a very bad thing. When I grow old, that is provided I live that long, I'd like to be a very wise person. And by being an empty cup every now and then is how I will get wiser. So I suppose even when an empty cup feels painful it is still a thing to be grateful for. What is life if we don't grow along the way?

This brings me to my life at present. I am an absolutely empty cup right now, and that makes me feel really lost. That is probably the reason why I haven't been able to write much lately, not that that is my most important concern right now. But somewhere inside this feeling of being completely lost I feel completely at peace too, which is actually a big concern for my parents because the way they see it I've lost all motivation in life. But the truth is I am only waiting. I am waiting to be filled. And how arrogant it would be to believe I can fill myself. That is why I can only wait. And I know I will eventually be filled. I am confident of it. That is probably why I have this extra-ordinary peace. It is a thing of faith. It is also a thing of patience. And I believe I've become a more patient person. I guess, then, patience comes with maturity also apart from it being an inherited personality trait at birth. I've met completely patient persons who are patient for no reason. And by this I am only trying to say that I am a more patient person today for a reason. Life is teaching, and I am learning. In relation to this I am encountering often these days the idea of active waiting, and to tell you the truth I am still trying to understand it. And as I am able to understand it I will hopefully start waiting actively, however that looks like for my life.

Who thought an empty cup would contain so many life lessons? And I say that as an attempt at being funny and witty at the same time. Until the next post, folks. Peace!


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