I must have been waiting, because the moment you appeared at my door I had this feeling of a finality. I don't know what else to call it. It was the kind of feeling you get when you've finally received a call you've been waiting for, or the feeling when the bus finally arrives so you can look forward to reaching home after a long day of work and simply resting. So when I saw you at my door I could only look, no words fathomed to fill the silence, while you stood there waiting for me to break it. Your eyes so familiar with a personality of its own. So familiar that I might have seen them just yesterday. You waited on, anticipation growing in those eyes. But I wasn't surprised to see you. I was simply overwhelmed by how much I'd missed you without even knowing that I did. I must have done a pretty good job of thinking that I was over you. I also realized then that I somehow knew all along that you would come. It was only a matter of time. And now you had come, finally. 

As I stood there with perhaps a blank expression on my face you must have realized I wasn't going to say anything after all. "Hi", the first word came from you. "Thank you", I uttered feeling stupid right after. "For what?" You look confused. "Umm.. for breaking the silence." The silence of those years and the silence of that moment had finally been broken. You enveloped me in your embrace and I felt the familiar touch, again. This is really happening, I told myself. It is indeed happening. And it is so different and yet so similar to the first time I met you. We were strangers then who happened to be in the same place at the same time. We are friends now celebrating a reunion. It could have been a coincidence then, but it is a choice now. Yet the feeling is the same. The feeling of seeing a face that is instantly so dear to you. The feeling of immediately entering into a comfort that you know with no one else. You were all of that to me even the first time. And I'd thought you felt it too. But then you left, giving up so easily. I learned to live with it and eventually stopped thinking about it too. It turns out, though, you had become a part of me. You were with me wherever I'd go. You were in my thoughts even when I didn't think of you. And I believed I found my reconciliation with you because I was doing okay. So I suppose I would have been okay even if you hadn't decided to walk into my life the second time. But now I've been offered the best and I'm not an idiot to refuse. You're here again, and I am not letting you go the second time.

I will hear your story now. Your story of our story. Your story of you. Your story of everything else. And I will tell you more of mine because I like to talk too much. We have the rest of our lives to know each other, so let us do just that. And I bear no ill feelings from the past, in case you're wondering. I suppose things worked out the way they were meant to and I'd rather let bygones be bygones. You had to leave, but you had to come back too. Thank you again for that, love. Thank you for being so brave. I suppose then when things are meant to work out a certain way there is nothing in this world that can stop it from working out.

(Picture Courtesy: Google Images)


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