Not all those who wander are lost

J.R.R. Tolkein once said "Not all those who wander are lost". Perhaps I am one of those who is not lost, at least I hope so. I wander in search of something. I just don't know what to label it. Perhaps I don't need to. My past has been mostly about going from here to there, being everywhere but in one place if you know what I mean. But it has not been necessarily bad because as a consequence of it all I have learnt things that I'd perhaps not know if not for all the wandering around.

Life is quite a beautiful journey. We gather and assimilate along the way. We behold beauty, we fall in love. We are broken by pain only to rise up as in the resurrection of the phoenix. And it is not back to square one as some would misunderstand. We rise up not to start all over again but to continue from where we left off. And yet everything is new. That is why I love this journey. And I have a desire to explore as much as possible. As much as God allows it I want to experience beauty of this life. Because life, I feel, is in the end all about beauty. There is beauty in love and friendships. There is definitely beauty in nature and all creation. There is also beauty in pain. There is beauty in pain because then there is healing. And healing is possible because there is a good God, the origin of all beauty in the first place.

What all this points to at this time of my life I would sum up in one word: travel. Yes I want to travel. I want to go out of the familiar and live somewhere unfamiliar if for a while. I have always liked the idea of travelling but never have I owned it so personally as I do now. I don't know what brought it about, perhaps there are a lot of reasons. But what matters is not how. What matters to me is what. And I know what. So I must do what. And I hope and pray that I get the privilege. It is the thought of what I would experience, of the exposure I would get, of what I would learn, of the beauty I could behold that makes my heart race and my blood pumping like mad. 

So, hoping to wander some bit more but clearly in terms of transcending geographical boundaries, this is me signing off. Peace out.

(Picture Courtesy: Google Images)


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