2013 is here. I spent the last few hours of the old year writing on my journal, reflecting on life - what 2012 was and what it wasn't, my hopes for the new year, and applying nail paint. My obsession with nail paints is very young. In short, I had quite an uneventful New Year's Eve and now New Year's day. (I tried to make plans but looks like I'll be home all day, again.) It is somewhat like how my laptop calendar unceremoniously switched itself to "January 2013" like it's no big deal. And I guess if we stop and think about it it really is no big deal. Time is going ahead like it always has. It will always go ahead even if we don't give a damn about it. But let me not be such a bore right now. I know we all need an excuse to start something new, or believe we can start over, and a new year is a pretty good excuse. And I will use it without reservations.

So yes, I am looking forward to this new year. I have hopes of achieving some things that I never could in 2012. I have been working on a few things that I hope will turn out in my favour this year. The future looks full of possibilities but I am also prepared for failure. But a failure means I just have to try again or probably switch to something else. That is what I have been doing with my life anyway, exploring and trying out a number of things and moving on to other things if they don't work out, usually because I realize my heart is really not in it. Someday I will hit jack-pot. I am in a journey to find myself. It is both a painful and rewarding one. And life goes on.

A friend of mine once said, "Nothing is wrong, but everything is not okay". That is life as of present, I couldn't phrase it better. But I am happy and I am prepared for this year. My God walks with me and I trust in Him completely. Here is wishing you all a Happy New Year :). Hope this year is everything you hope it to be, and then some more.
"The sky is the limit."

(Picture my own)


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