Contradiction, You

I thought about you tonight
Like I thought about you last night
Like the night before
And even before that.

You are the rule
You are the exception.
The first thought and the last.
I did not summon you
Yet you found me.
When I sought you
Then I did not find you.

You are harmony
You are contradiction.
You are chaos and order
Building and destruction.
You pursued me
And then you didn’t.
You say you’re not able
But your eyes told me love.

You retreat but still linger
Your body, your warmth.
Your mind your prison
My heart your prisoner.
You open then you close

You fear and I bolden.
I step in you step down
I remain you bail out.

You say “See you”
I hear hope.
You say something
You do nothing.
You can’t make up your mind
Yet you’ve made it up.
I don’t know what you mean
Is no decision a decision?

These thoughts beat about me
I count down the days.
They all look like you
They all feel of you
Your presence, your hands
The slight curve of your lips
Your secret eyes
With the sea within, beyond.

(Picture Courtesy: Google Images)


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