Okay so, I can be so socially awkward sometimes. Had a friend of my mom visit today while she wasn't home. My younger brother and I were the only ones home then. And in such times it is useless to expect any kind of help from a younger brother. So the duties of entertaining the lady naturally fell on me. Now the thing is I can't speak Manipuri although I'm supposed to be from Manipur. You can hardly blame me for that 'cause a larger chunk of my life was lived out in Delhi.

Anyway, so I had to entertain the nice lady. The trouble was I didn't have a clue what an appropriate thing to talk about would be. You see I've always been awkward with older people in general. I never know what to say except for smile and giggle and nod. It's seriously not like me. But that's what happens all the time. I still haven't been able to figure out what exactly are the forces at work behind this. Okay back to our lady visitor. What I did manage were some awkward umms and aahs and then something in Hindi. It was quite an amusing situation to tell you the truth. Two people belonging to the same state supposed to be speaking the common state language but having an awkward conversation in Hindi looking the way they look. After all the words I could muster I just sat there counting down the seconds dreaming of the moment when my mom would finally be home. It was quite pathetic honestly.

Well, the story has a happy ending. My mom was home after a little while. And I was liberated. But that still doesn't solve the puzzle as to why I get this cranky every time I'm faced with an older person. Maybe one theory could be that I have too much respect for people of advanced years and experience, and I am plain freaked out that I might just say something wrong. Something that would raise eyebrows. That would be quite unpleasant. Or perhaps I'm just not interested in them. Never-mind.

Otherwise I believe I'm quite a social person. I have no problem starting a conversation and continuing it for as long as desirable. And I do get along with people, well some people. It's just the oldies that leave me tongue-tied.

Here's to youth. Cheers!

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