A crazy thing called love

Stumbled upon a friend's Facebook status today. It reads "I took to you and you took to me.. and then we happened so carelessly!!" Well, that totally reminds me of someone. Someone I've been writing about actually. So technically it's not really a reminder. It's rather a reiteration of what I'm already thinking. *Sigh!* A sigh says it all doesn't it? I must be hopelessly crazy.

But don't you think that that's just the way it ought to happen? I'd like to believe so. Love is not something rational, so how could someone expect it to happen so rationally? The person who expects so must be rather irrational. Because love is quite a crazy thing, agree with me or disagree I don't really care. Nothing about love makes sense to me. Let me not explain that. It is quite a painful task to even try. You'd know it if you have been in love, like for real. Okay maybe this love thing happens quite rarely. Granted that. But when it happens boy it happens. And then you have a choice. To embrace it or to write it off as something stupid and run away from it. The people who choose the latter path are quite the losers I must say.

The ones who want to be on the safe side, the immensely rational-minded people who won't let passion infiltrate their reason, well they can all have a good life, live within their safe constructed ideas of love. And maybe that's okay for them. Sad. I should just leave them alone.

I took to you and you took to me and then we happened so carelessly. But alas, I am left wishing that just maybe you're not taking the latter path after all.

There is reason in being unreasonably sure. I'm getting convinced love is something that happens only to the radical.


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