A note from the past

Last night I was flipping through an old journal of mine and I stumbled upon something I wrote back then that I had completely forgotten about. I'm not very sure if I still believe what I believed then with such certainty. But I just wanted to post it here as a keepsake.

Everything's well

Life has its way of telling you
Everything's well..
Umpteen battles you fight within yourself
Make you grow weary and tired
And just when you feel nothing is in it for you
Life gradually dawns a light you thought had been wiped out
By the suffocating darkness and gloom where you'd lost yourself
That's when you realize you've walked a step ahead
To discover what God intended you to become
Guess that's His way of molding you
Into that complete being you aspire to be
Roots that are bitter still give sweet fruit
Amidst the numerous outbursts and complaints
The multiplying complaints about life
He patiently listens to you never short of time
You expect a response... wait long and hard
And just when you decide you aren't being heard after all
Just when you feel nothing is in it for you
You sense a subtle force that seems to be reminding you
That the response you so desperately seek is in fact within you:
Experience and grow... life's an adventure!
And everything's well if you want it to be
And self pity is not the answer!

Everything's well 'cause I want it to be
Hardships and misery don't end my world
They come and they go... and there's so much life beyond
Everything's well eventually..

Written on 10th April 2007


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