To my beloved (The first time I saw you)

Do you remember the first time you saw me? Well I remember the first time I saw you, still very clearly. And you know what part I remember with utmost clarity? I remember your eyes. I didn’t give it much thought then. I didn’t realize then that you’d occupy so much space in my life. I didn’t think of you much at that moment. Clearly it wasn’t love at first sight. I think what I thought then was how you had that stupid look in your eyes which I couldn’t read. You just stood there looking at me with that stupid look in your eyes, while I waited thinking maybe you wanted to say something. 

But you didn’t. So I simply turned back and resumed my work while totally ignoring you standing, frozen perhaps, behind me maybe for a few more seconds. To admit the truth I kind of found your face quite irritating then. Maybe it had to do with your eyes. And you were wearing that bold green shirt which also I kind of found irritating. Maybe it had to do with your eyes. And the color hurt my eye too to tell you the truth. I kind of know now that that was the time you fell in love with me.

After a while I did start to notice you in a different way. Maybe it was the kind smile you always wore on your face, although I never got a word of what you were saying initially. I wasn't used to your accent. Maybe what I noticed were your eyes. They shone, call me silly and love-struck, but they did.

And I remember the first time we talked. And I remember how I felt you then. I have no other way to put it. I just felt you. That’s it.

The rest is history. The rest is how I fell in love with you. And everything about you became beautiful, your eyes especially. And also your bold green shirt.

Yours always 

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