And it came tumbling down

I wish there is a mistake here, but that is very unlikely. But I'm still allowed to wish, ain't I? My heart must have skipped a beat after I received that long awaited email. I almost didn't want to open it. But open it, I had to and I did. "We regret to inform you that you have unfortunately not obtained medical clearance." Signed, sealed, delivered. It is done. Do I get a say? Hell no. So folks here is the thing, I waited for over a month for a rejection letter. Good thing here is I don't have to wait any longer. But you know what, I would have rather waited and waited, if only the response was to be positive. If only... No I'm in no hurry. You don't have to email me immediately. You know why? I suddenly sense a lot of patience in me! I would rather wait much longer, I promise... If only. But, it is done. Waiting I need not do any longer. How ironic. 

And this is how it came tumbling down. Funny I'm still not ready to give up.


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