A song of hope

I will try and write a song of hope
When hope is the least I've got
I will try and write a song of love
When love eludes me like your shadow.
A song I will write about these awful times
A song I will sing as a way of redemption.
My streams run dry but you be unperturbed
This is only a matter of seasons
I will be filled again, I will be alive with the currents.
A song I will sing with the beats of my sorrow
A sorrow I will forget as I lose myself in its melody.
It will be a song of hurt that will pronounce healing
A song of promises hidden beneath the pain.
I will sing now a song of freedom
The little bird will fly again.
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  1. Well written, just one query, should the right phrase be "...matter of seasons..." instead of "....matter of the seasons..."

  2. i guess it depends? i'll leave it be. cheers!

  3. Hey this is absolutely beautiful...love it "this is a matter of seasons"


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